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Founded in 2005, LINYI GAOXIANG WATER METER Co., Ltd. Over many years, we have developed into one of the smart meter, energy meter professional manufacturer, incorporate case casting, CNC maching, water meter calibration and assembling a table. The company has always been pioneering and innovative, proactive. Started in 2006, LINYI GAOXIANG WATER METER Co., Ltd. Decided to the smart meter research and production. Now the company cover of square meter. The current production exceeds 1.5 million pieces of meters per year placing GX WATER METERS in a leading position both at national market and technology level. GX WATER METERS operates both nationally and internationally in the fields of the…

Categories and Products

Machinery Manufacturing Water Meter

Volumetric Piston Type Water Meter

LXH-15 Volumetric Piston Type Water Meter LXH-20 Volumetric Piston Type Water Meter LXH-15E~20E Volumetric Piston Type Water Meter LYH-8 / LYH-8S Drinking Water Measuring Instrument

Multi-Jet Water Meter

LXSG-15E~50E Multi-Jet Water Meter Wheel Multi-jet Magnet-drive Dry-dial Cold Water Meter LXSC-15E~20E Multi-Jet Mechanical-drive Water Meter LXSY-15E~50E Multi-Jet Water Meter LXS-15E~50E Multi-jet Wet-Dial Cold Water Meter LXSL-15E~25E Wet-Dial Vertical Type Cold Water Meter Brass material multi nozzle water meter High quality Multi-Jet C Type Water Meter Multi-Jet Brass Dry Dial Type Water Meters Dn15-50mm Vertical Vane Wheel Watermeter Multi-Jet, Nylon Plastic Dry Dial Nylon Plastic Multi-Jet Dry Type Water Meter Nylon Material Type Water Meter Multi Jet Plastic Dry Dial Water Meter Multi Jet Dry Type Plastic Body WaterMeter Multi Jet Dry Type Water Meter Multi-Jet Dry Types Mechanical Water Meter Mechanical Series Multi-Jet Dry Type Water Meter Multi nozzle dry mechanical water meter Multi-Jet Vane Wheel Water Meter

Single-Jet Water Meter

LXSY-13D Single-jet Liquid-sealed Cold Water Meter Lxs-13d single spray wet water meter LXSC-13D3-25D3 Single-jet Dry Water Meter Single-Jet Dry Dial Type Water Meter LXSG-15E-20E Single Jet Watermeter Cold/Hot Water Meter Single Jet Rotary Vane WaterMeter for HotWater Vertical helical vane flowmeter Watermeter aluminum material single jet 1/2 inches Screw vane type water meter Single jet water meter DN15mm Single spray dry cold water meter Hot/cold water meter dry single nozzle Brass SingleJet Wet Dial WaterMeter Brass Single jet liquid sealed impeller copper watermeter Single Jet Dry Type Water Flow Meter Single nozzle water meter Plastic single jet meter class C Water gauge flange 1T/2 inch cast iron Plastic single jet dry water meter dn15-20mm Brass single jet wet pointer water meter

Dry-Dial Water Meter

LXSG-15E~50E Multi-jet Magnet-drive Water Meter LXSC-13~50 Multi-jet Magnet-drive Water Meter LXSC-15E~20E Multi-jet Mechanical-drive Cold Water Meter LXSC-13D3-25D3 Single-jet Water Meter LXLC-50~300 Detachable Magnet-drive Water Meter LCLC-80~150 Woltman Detachable Magnet-drive Water Meter

Wet-Dial Water Meter

LXS-15E~50E Multi-jet Wet-Dial Water Meter LXSL-15E~25E Multi-jet Wet-Dial Vertical Water Meter LXS-13D Wheel Single-jet Wet-Dial Cold Water Meter LXSR-15E~50E Multi-jet Wet-Dial Hot Water Meter LXL-80E~200E Horizontal Woltman Type Water Meter

Liquid-Sealed Water Meter

LXSY-15E~50E Wheel Multi-jet Liquid-sealed Cold Water Meter LXSY-13D Single-jet Liquid-sealed Cold Water Meter LXSYL-15E~25E Liquid-sealed Vertical Type Cold Water Meter

Woltman Type Water Meter

LXLC-50~300 Detachable Magnet-drive Cold Water Meter LXLCR-50~200 Magnet-drive Dry-Dial Hot Water Meter LCLC-80~150 Magnet-drive Dry-Dial Cold Water Meter Lxl-80e~200E Woltman type wet water meter Mobile screw water meter (lxl-50e-500e) Large caliber flange type mechanical water meter Screw vane type water meter dn50-300mm Woltmann Water Meter, Large Diamter Water infusion plastic valve Woltmann Type Water Flow Meter Detachable Photoelectric Direct Reading Water Meter Detachable irrigation spiral wing type water meter Vertical screw vane type water meter (DN50-500mm) Pumpkin spiral water meter (DN50-500mm) Spiral wing type water meter body DN50-500mm Gx-Brand Hot Sale Woltmann Water Meter Iron body dry screw water meter DN50-500mm Dry disc detachable spiral wing type watermeter Industrial digital water meter lxlc-300 Transverse weld Water Flow Meter

Hot Water Meter

LXLCR-50~200 Detachable Magnet-drive Hot Water Meter LXSR-15E~50E Multi-jet Hot Water Meter LXSC-13D3-25D3 Single-jet Cold (Hot) Water Meter

Intelligent Water Meter

Prepaid Water Meter RF Card Type

Smart card prepayment meter Prepaid IC/ radio frequency card intelligent watermeter Water Meter, IC/RF Card Prepaid Smart Type Prepaid Smart Types Water Meter RF Prepaid Smart Water Meter Prepaid Intelligent Types Water Meter IC Card Prepaid Smart Water Meter Prepaid Smart Series with IC/RF Cards WaterMeter Smart Water Meter Prepaid Type Water Meter Prepaid Smart Water Meters with IC/RF Card Prepaid Water Meter Smart Types Prepaid type intelligent water meter Prepaid Card Smart Basic Water Meters IC card prepayment intelligent water meter Prepaid IC card/RF card watermeter intelligent series Smart Prepaid Type Water Meter IC/RF Card Type/Smart Prepaid Water Meter Radio frequency or IC card prepayment watermeter IC card water meter prepayment water meter Household water meter prepayment water meter

Prepaid Water Meter IC Card Type

Water Meter IC/RF Smart Prepaid Water Meter Prepaid Smart IC Card Water Meter Basic Meter for Smart Water Meter Prepaid Water Meter RF Card Type Smart Water Meter for Hot Water Water Meter RF Card Type Prepaid Intelligent Water Meter Prepaid Water Meter Vertical Basic Prepaid Smart Watermeter Hot Drinking Water Smart Water Meter IC Card Prepaid Horizontal WaterMeter Widely Exported WaterMeter IC or RF Smart Prepaid WaterMeter Basic List Meter for Smart Water Meter Prepaid Water Meter RF IC Card Type Basic Prepaid Smart Water meter Water Meter Reed Switch valve Vertical Intelligent Meter Prepaid Type Vertical Intelligent Water Meter Prepaid RF Wireless Remote Water Meter Card Reader Water Meter Hot Water

Remote Reading Water Meter

Detachable Photoelectric Direct Reading Meter Dn40mm Photoelectric Direct Remote Reading Meter Water Meter Reading Remote Type Wired Remote Control Water Meter Photoelectric Valve Control Remote WaterMeter Photoelectric Coding M-Bus Remote Reading Water Meter AMR Photoelectric Remote Water Meter Wired Remote Water Meter Reading Straight Remote Reading Iron Body Water Meter Remote Reading Water Meter Price Direct Reading Remote Rotary Vane Water Meter Brass Material Direct Remote Meter Reading Pulse Transmitting Smart Water Meters with Output Reading Valve Control Remote Water Meter Photoelectric Coding Remote Reading Water Meter Basic Meter Remote Reading Water Meter Direct Reading Remote Transmission Water Meter Reading Remote Woltmann Type Water Meter Dn50mm Dn40mm Photoelectric Direct Reading Meter Reading Remote Water Meter of Wire Type Dn15-25mm

Other Water Meters

Volumetric Water Meter

Kent Type Volumetric Piston Water Meter Brass Material Volumetric Water Meter Plastic Material Volumetric Water Meter Kent Types Nylon Plastic Water Meter Volumetric Water Meter with Black Nylon Body Dn15-25Rotary PistonVolumetric Accuracy160Class C Meter Volumetric Water Meter Kent Type Brass Body WaterMeter for Portable WaterMeter Class C Brass Material Volumetric Meter Dn15mm Plastic Volumetric Water Meter Volumetric Water Meter with Nylon Body Potable DrinkingWater MeterVolumetricin StainlessSteel Kent WaterMeter, Nylon Plastic Volumetric WaterMeter Series Volumetric Piston Liquid Filled Water Meter Painting Volumetric Piston Ratory Water Meter Kent Type Water Meter Dn15-25mm Green Color Painting Volumetric Water Meter Dn15-25mm Blue Color Painting Volumetric Water Meter Dn15-25mm Black Nylon Plastic Volumetric Kent Type Meter Brass/Plastic Kent Type Water Meter Dn15-25mm

Heat Meters

Ultrasonic Residential Heat Meter High Quality Ultrasonic Heat Meter High Technology Ultrasonic Heat Meter Brass Residential Ultrasonic Heat Meter intelligent Digital Ultrasonic Heat Meter Ultrasonic Heat Meter Dn15-Dn300 Brass Residential Ultrasonic Heat Digita Meter High Quality Ultrasonic Heat Meter DN15–DN40 Types Pulse Output Water Meter Stainless SteelMulti Jet Dry Dial PulseOutput WaterMeter Dn15mm Brass Material Pulse Output Water Meter Pulse Output Water Meter for Hot Water Pulse Output Water Meter for Multi Jet Brass Cold WaterMeter with Pulse Output Dn15-25mm Single JetStainless Pulse WaterMeter Brass Body Dn20mm Pulse Water Meter, Cold Water Meter MultiJet Stainless Steel PulseOutput WaterMeter Stainless Steel Digital Water Meter Dn15-300mm StainlessSteel Types of Valves for WaterMeter

Pulse Output Water Meter

All Types Pulse Output Water Meter Quality Stainless Steel MultiJet Pulse Output WaterMeter Brass Material Pulse Output Water Meter Pulse Output Water Meter for Hot Water Pulse Output WaterMeter for Multi Jet WaterMeter Non-Return Valve Plastic Material Water Meter Quality Material Plastic Non-Return Valves Water Meters Brass Balance Valves Dn15-40mm Control Type Ball Valves Plastic Body Cast Iron Flange Connection GateValve with QualityMaterial Motor Driven Valve for Large Caliber WaterMeter Water Meter Quality Material Brass Lockable Valve Quality Material Brass Gate Valve for WaterMeter

Valves For Water Meter

Plastic Non-Return Valves for Water Meter Water Meter Non-Return Valves of Plastic Body Water Meter Brass Control Type Ball Valves Brass Water Meter Ball Valves Brass Stop Control Ball Valves Water Meters Control Type Ball Valves with Plastic Body Water Meter Box Plastic Material (Dn15-20mm) Water Meter Parts Accessories Water Meter yellow metal Shell Water Meter Yellow Metal Connectors Water Meter plastic material Fittings Basic Water Meter Intelligent Water Meter Copper Fittings Intelligent Water Meter Water Meter Plastic Seal 1/2 Inch Plastic Weatherproof Storage Box for Water Meter Water Meter Protecting Storage Box CNC Machining Casting Brass WaterMeter Shell Water Meter Brass Body for Vertical Meter New Design Single Jet Water Meter Water Meter Safety Buckle Dial Type

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